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Testosterone Enanthate Ampoules (Cambridge Laboratories)


What you should know about Testosterone Enantate Ampoules

Please read this leaflet carefully. This leaflet contains information about Testosterone Enantate Ampoules, which will be given to you by injection. Although you will not be taking this medicine yourself, this leaflet contains important information to help you understand how Testosterone Enantate is used. Keep it until the course of treatment has been finished, as you may want to read it again.

Always follow your doctor's advice, and if there is anything you do not understand, please ask your doctor or nurse to explain it.

What do Testosterone Enantate Ampoules contain?

Each ampoule contains 250 mg of Testosterone Enantate (the active ingredient) together with the inactive ingredients benzyl benzoate and castor oil for injection.

Testosterone Enantate is supplied in packs of 3 ampoules, each ampoule containing 1 ml.

Testosterone Enantate is an androgen, a male type of hormone.

The holder of the product licence for this medicine is

Cambridge Laboratories Limited Deltic House Kingfisher Way Silverlink Business Park Wallsend Tyne & Wear NE28 9NX

The ampoules are made by

Schering AG Berlin Germany What is Testosterone Enantate used for?

In men Testosterone Enantate is used when natural levels of this hormone are low, which can cause loss of interest in sex, low fertility and other problems. In women Testosterone Enantate is used to treat certain diseases of the breast.

When should Testosterone Enantate not be used?

Since androgens (male hormones) can stimulate the growth of cancer of the prostate gland, men must not be given Testosterone Enantate if they have prostatic cancer. For this reason, men should have regular examinations of the prostate gland during treatment with Testosterone Enantate. Men with breast cancer should not be given Testosterone Enantate.

Testosterone Enantate Ampoules should not be used to treat women who are pregnant or breast-feeding.

You should not be given Testosterone Enantate Ampoules if you have a liver tumour or a history of such tumours, if you have a kidney disease called nephrosis or if you have too much calcium in your blood.

What else should you know before having an injection of Testosterone Enantate?

Male hormones such as Testosterone Enantate are not suitable for increasing muscular development in healthy people or for increasing physical ability.

Special care is needed when Testosterone Enantate is used in the elderly and in patients with the following conditions:

Kidney problems Heart disease Liver disease High blood pressure Migraine Diabetes Cancer that has spread to the bones

If you suffer from any of these and think that the doctor who has prescribed Testosterone Enantate for you is not aware of this, you should tell him or her straight away.

Regular blood tests may be needed if you are also being treated with some medicines that slow down the clotting of the blood. Testosterone Enantate may be less effective in epileptic patients who are taking Phenobarbital, so if this applies to you please make sure that the doctor treating you knows about it.

How Testosterone Enantate is used

Testosterone Enantate is given by injection into a muscle, usually every 2 to 3 weeks. The injections are continued for as long as your doctor considers necessary, but men receiving long-term treatment may later be given injections at 3 to 6 week intervals.

If you would like any other information about the use of Testosterone Enantate, please ask your doctor or nurse.


When hormones such as Testosterone Enantate are used in high doses or over a long period of time, they may result in the retention of too much water, and even swelling of the ankles in some cases. If you have a tendency to this problem, make sure your doctor checks you very carefully while you are receiving treatment with Testosterone Enantate Ampoules.

Women who receive Testosterone Enantate may develop acne, increased growth of hair on the face and body, thinning of scalp hair and deepening of the voice (particular care is necessary in women whose occupations involve singing or speaking).

If men receive long-term and high-dose treatment with Testosterone Enantate, the number of sperms they produce is reduced. Men may experience frequent or persistent erections whilst under Testosterone Enantate treatment. If this happens, make sure to tell your doctor so that he may reduce the dose or stop the treatment in order to avoid injury to the penis.

Occasionally coughing, shortness of breath and changes in the circulation of the blood may develop while Testosterone Enantate is being injected or immediately after the injection.

The doctor may arrange for women receiving Testosterone Enantate to have regular blood tests. If these show an increased level of calcium, he will stop the treatment.

In very rare cases liver tumours have been observed after the use of hormones such as Testosterone Enantate. In a few isolated cases this has been followed by internal bleeding which can be life-threatening. Tell your doctor if you have any new "stomach" discomfort or pain that does not soon clear up.

Other side effects that have sometimes occurred with Testosterone Enantate are headache, depression, feeling sick, jaundice, breast enlargement in men, an increase in the number of red blood cells, anxiety, feeling weak, abnormal sensations, increased bone growth and premature sexual development in boys.

If you are worried about side-effects or if you think that Testosterone Enantate has caused any other side-effect, please tell your doctor, nurse or pharmacist about it.

Storing Testosterone Enanthate

Testosterone Enantate Ampoules should not be used after the expiry date given on the label. They should be stored away from light.

All medicines should be kept out of the reach of children.

Date of preparation of this leaflet: August 2001

Testosterone Enanthate Ampoules Cambridge Laboratories

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