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Lidocaine and Fluorescein

4% w/v Lidocaine hydrochloride and 0.25% w/v Fluorescein Sodium

About your eye drops

The name of this medicine is Minims Lidocaine & Fluorescein. Each Minims unit contains a solution of 4% w/v Lidocaine hydrochloride with 0.25% w/v fluorescein sodium.

One of the active ingredients in this medicine is lidocaine hydrochloride. This is the new name for lignocaine hydrochloride. The ingredient itself has not changed.

It also contains purified water, povidone and hydrochloric acid. Each Minims unit is a sterile, single-use container which holds approximately 0.5ml of solution. Each carton holds 20 Minims units. Lidocaine is a local anaesthetic which temporarily numbs the surface of the eye. Fluorescein temporarily colours your eyes orange or green and helps your doctor or eye specialist to examine them.

Who makes your eye drops?

Minims Lidocaine and Fluorescein are manufactured by

Laboratoire Chauvin S.A. ZI Ripotier 07200/Aubenas France

The Marketing Authorisations for Minims Lidocaine and Fluorescein (PL 0033/0073 & PA 118/24/1) are held by

Chauvin Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 106 London Road Kingston-Upon-Thames KT2 6TN England What are your eye drops for?

Your eye drops are used to numb and stain the surface of the eye, for a short time only, to allow the doctor or eye specialist to examine your eye.

Most often, your eye drops are used to allow the pressure inside your eyes to be measured.

Before using your eye drops

You should not use this product if you are allergic to fluorescein or Lidocaine and other similar types of local anaesthetic.

This product should be used with care in eyes that are inflamed (red and painful).

Your eye drops are not intended for long term use. Frequent use of local anaesthetic in the eye over long periods of time may affect your eyesight.

Using your eye drops

The doctor or eye specialist will put the drops in for you. You may be asked to press on the inner corners of your eyes for a minute to stop the solution draining into your nose and throat through the tear ducts.

It is important to protect your eye from dust during the time your eye is numb. Your doctor or eye specialist will make sure that your eye is properly protected.

The Minims unit should be thrown away after a single use, even if some solution remains.

It is unlikely that you will suffer an overdose from Minims Lidocaine & Fluorescein, but if you do suddenly feel unwell after receiving the drops, tell your doctor or eye specialist.

Following administration of Minims Lidocaine & Fluorescein you may experience very rare side effects which includes redness and irriatation of the eye, swelling around the eye, rarely difficulty in breathing and symptoms of shock and itchy skin rash with raised red blotches.

After using your eye drops

Tell your doctor or eye specialist if you suffer from any unwanted effects after using Minims Lidocaine & Fluorescein, that are not mentioned in this leaflet.

Storing your eye drops

The expiry date is printed on each Minims unit overwrap and printed on the carton label. Do not use it after this date.

Your eye drops should be stored below 25°C and in original container to protect from light. Do not allow to freeze.

This leaflet applies only to Minims Lidocaine & Fluorescein, but does not contain all the

If you have any questions or are not sure about anything, ask a doctor, eye specialist or pharmacist.

Date of (Partial) Revision of Text:

August 2005.

* Trade Mark

Chauvin Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 106 London Road Kingston-Upon-Thames KT2 6TN England Tel:020 8781 2900 Fax:020 8781 2901

Art. 76441 0504128/4

Minims Lidocaine Fluorescein

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